Social media

Social media is an excellent instrument to reach many people in a short amount of time. When using the platform in the right way, brand awareness increases and your target group feels more connected to your company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube en LinkedIn are examples of the most influential types of Social Media.

Social media strategy

Not every social media platform is an added value for your brand. BRIDGE Digital Marketing has specialists who know exactly what platform is best to be used for your brand. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most well-known platforms. When setting up your social media strategy, our specialists look beyond the standard channels. We make a selection of the platforms based on your message and target group.

Monitoring Social media

It is a lot of work to seek every day for a possible opinion, complaint or question about your brand. It is often difficult to find such information (in time). BRIDGE Digital Marketing has a social media monitoring tool that collects data from large scales of online media. We can track your brand reputation, competitor analysis and you can even receive real-time alerts via e-mail or through your mobile phone with useful information about your product or service.

BRIDGE can help create a strategy and / or monitor the current social media activities.

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