Affiliate marketing

Do you have a nice website and reasonably successful campaigns, but do you want the result to get better? Then it’s time to start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing uses third parties to promote your website or campaigns. These third parties are called affiliates (publishers / editors / webmasters). The affiliates are only paid for the actual results, based on CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPS (Cost Per Sale).

What does affiliate marketing provide?

An affiliate program is performance driven and not only creates more leads and sales, but also increases your brand awareness. In addition, it is also possible to use the affiliate channel for online lead generation. This way of advertising has proven to be very succesful. It is a create tool to reach the targets we set together.

BRIDGE Digital Marketing

BRIDGE Digital Marketing makes sure you are top of mind at all stages of the customer journey. We can provide the affiliate strategy, negotiations with third parties and the management of the campaign. Our affiliate marketing specialists make sure they get the most of out your campains.

Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing?

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